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Sat 15th Jul 2017 - 2:24am Gaming

Over the last couple of months we have seen our friends at Fuza Gaming grow fast. They have amassed almost 10,000 followers on just Twitter alone. Fuza Gaming has now have taken over another team to bring into their family. Making it bigger and better. We here at J4LOrg have the utmost respect for this organization and everyone in it. They have reached all aspects of the Esports community. Not only do they have of the best upcoming Esports teams, streamers, and management,  their apparel line is unmatched. If you do not already follow them, please do so and watch this amazing organization grow even bigger and even better! Fuza Gaming, we thank you for all of the support you show the J4L Family , along with all the other organizations you support. It's always nice to have another family like yours around this community.



Matthew Angel



Clark Ackerman



Please visit Fuza Gamings Links Below!



J4L MasterA23

J4L MasterA23

Matthew Angel

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