MLG Call of Duty World League Atlanta

Wed 7th Mar 2018 - 6:58pm Gaming

The Call of Duty World League returns to Atlanta, GA March 9-11 with a $200,000 Prize pool & 160+ Team Open Bracket! We are so excited to be having our team for JIVL compete! Our four guys   have been working hard and grinding daily and we couldn't be more prouder. Please give them a follow on twitter to learn more and chat with them.

JIVL is invading The Call of Duty World Legaue this weekend. Look out for us. This will be our biggest event ever. Time is flying and in just a couple more days our boys will be competing against some of the world's best. The hype is real. Who else is excited to see this world league this weekend! 160 plus teams. It should be a lot of fun.




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