Call of Duty Black Ops4 Announced!

Fri 9th Mar 2018 - 2:20am General Gaming

Now this is some exciting news for Call of Duty fans. We have just been teased of the latest installation of Call of Duty baby. Black Ops is back and omg are we excited to see more. Earlier this morning Call of Duty's main twitter account posted a teaser which you can see linked right here for your conveience at @CallofDuty or click this link

Black Ops is our Co owners favorite series of the bunch. I couldn't be more excited to see what is instore for us. Black Ops 4 is headed to PS4Xbox One, and PC; there's no word yet on a Switch version, as some had hoped. It will be released on Friday, October 12, almost a full month sooner than the early November release window that new Call of Duty games typically occupy. I sure won't be complaining with my copy a month earlier than past iterations coming out in November.




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