• Tue 29th Sep 2020 - 7:05am


    It’s safe to say Nespresso has revolutionized home espresso, and sets a very high bar for single-serve coffee makers. Walking into a Nespresso retail store is a wonderful experience–if you have one nearby consider going.Unfortunately, not all Nespresso machines are equal in usability, durability, or even brew quality. Check out our review below.Purists may not love them but the best Nespresso capsule machines are among the best coffee makers you can buy. If you can get past the high-ish price of the pods, and the amount of waste that results from using them, Nespresso is a great system. In fact, if you love espresso coffee but can’t be bothered with messing around with coffee beans and getting hit-and-miss results, we'd say a capsule-based machine is the best way to go. Nespresso produces consistently good results, there’s minimal mess involved, and, since a series of lawsuits, the choice of pods from third parties is wide, and growing.

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