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    Rich Mille: I was born using " good talent"


    Gold and aides are materials that have been utilized since the birth of the Deluxe mechanical watchmaking industry. Nowadays, platinum has also become a popular raw material for see making. Watches have shown up since the end of the nineteenth century and have added to typically the wrists of millions of sportsmen. Brilliant glory. However , being a " heresy" in the observe industry, RICHARD MILLE has produced composite materials (titanium, ceramic, graphite, etc . ) the new normal in the luxury goods sector, and made challenging super-technical elements an art and a science. Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough


    The original intention of RICH MILLE to choose watchmaking resources comes from the innovation of recent composite materials and the insistence about human health. We tightly believe that the value perceived by simply customers comes not only via weight, but from the productive development of new materials along with ensuring the safety and ease and comfort of new materials. Therefore , Therefore i'm determined to continue to open up often the Xinjiang boundary in this discipline. Adhering to the tradition from the nineteenth century and the advancement of the twenty-first century, RICH MILLE must find brand-new composite materials that have no affect on human health, such as components introduced in the fields involving aerospace, medical equipment in addition to racing, and used in RICH MILLE’s Among the watches.


    New composite materials present excellent characteristics such as excessive strength, lightness, firmness as well as toughness, but before they are applied, the safety of the materials have to first be ensured, along with a series of rigorous tests needs to be passed. In the first half the 20th century, watchmakers were found to be using radium-226. Later, due to obvious risk of nuclear light, this substance was no longer employed. There are also substances such as promethium-147 and tritium, even if the materials is sealed, radioactivity nonetheless exists. However , don’t worry, the actual Swiss Super-Luminova® super lustrous coating made of strontium and also aluminate, as well as all parts in the RICHARD MILLE watch, secure and harmless. RICHARD UN MIGLIAIO will never market materials which in turn not meet REACH requirements. Urwerk 111C UR-111C IRON watch


    In the past 2 decades, RICHARD MILLE has used heavily in the research along with development of super technical supplies to ensure that these new ceramic material meet the REACH standard (registration, evaluation, authorization and constraint of chemicals) before they can be put on the market. In order to go a series of tests, especially for elements based on TPT® technology, RICH MILLE has worked closely while using independent laboratory NTPT® in addition to Metallo-Tests SA that fits ISO/CES 17025 standards to make certain the risk of product allergy is actually zero. In addition , the RM 50-03 McLaren F1 ultra-light dual-second split-second tourbillon time counter combines lightweight, strong graphene material with TPT® carbon fibre, which is eye-catching with the unpredictable texture of the case. 600 multi-layer TPT® carbon fibers are simply 30 microns thick. They can be injected with graphene-containing supercharged resin, and then the soluble fiber layer is knitted with 45° using a CNC unit tool. Subsequently, the upvc composite material was heated as well as solidified at 120°C and also a pressure of 6 tavern. In the end, Graph TPT® ended up being produced, which is only made use of exclusively by RICHARD MOLTISSIMI in the field of watchmaking.


    In the development process of the brand new composite material Quartz TPT® quartz fiber material, so as to ensure the safety of the substance, RICHARD MILLE will look at all the pigment raw materials and also other compounds used, and after the particular anti-ultraviolet test, Quartz TPT® quartz fiber Material might be made into a watch case. These kinds of material is also used in typically the RM 011 red Quartz TPT® quartz carbon fiber view, which inspires a better sense of color. This kind of pigment is selected due to its stability and biocompatibility, Along with meets all REACH specifications, and combined with black TPT® carbon fiber, the water and milk products blend randomly to form a particular texture. Jacob & Co Opera replica watches


    There is also RM 27-03 red-yellow tone Quartz TPT® quartz carbon fiber case. Firstly, the top layer of only 45 microns of silicon dioxide will be immersed in a colored resin, and the filaments are interlaced into a thin layer, then heated to 120°C. Brilliant and eye-catching colors. In the study and development process of the newest color of Quartz TPT® quartz carbon fiber material, whether it is the type stability required by the ATTAIN standard, or the biological child stroller and durability, it shows great skills of RICHARD INNUMEREVOLI and NTPT® engineers.


    Brand friend Rafael Nadal wears RM 27-03


    Beyond the use of new composite materials about the case, the bracelets connected with women's watches have also get a place for RICHARD MILLE's innovative talents. On the RM 07-01 Carbon TPT® graphite watch, RICHARD MILLE increases the styles of the secure and bracelet. After 15 months of research and also development, the Carbon TPT® carbon fiber bracelet is especially designed for female customers. Its full of leisure and vogue style.


    RICH MILLE is always trying to analyze new composite materials and other metals. Some materials have not also been known for years or several weeks. In fact , RICHARD MILLE links great importance to the clinical research and development of several aspects of movement components, along with constantly achieves new discoveries in this field. " To complete the best, otherwise do nothing. " This is one of Richard Mille's principles in work and lifestyle, and is also the spirit associated with RICHARD MILLE brand the making of watch. replica luxury watches

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