Stream Team

Stream Team
  • J4L MasterA23

    Matthew Angel

    Hey everyone my name is Matthew Angel i am the Founder and Owner of JIVL. I am from Boston and love gaming as well as streaming. I started this amazing Org to be the best of support and the best of the Esports. Make sure to check out of live streamers and check back to watch our pro teams fight there way to the top! ...Read More

  • equuip

    ...Read More

  • deathXsprinkles

    Angelina Angel

    Born and raised in Orange County, Ca. | Now resides in Boston, Ma. | Dog Mom of 2 little furry jerks | Beginner streamer...Read More

  • Gingerbreadmean


    I'm a gamer and Twitch streamer that goes by Gingerbreadmean.  I play everything from Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Battlefield to Farming Simulator and Gang Beasts.  I started gaming as a way to keep in touch with friends and that's what my channel has always been about...Read More

  • tonsafun79

    Aaron G

    Hello my name is Aaron, but I have gone by TonsAFun or Gret for at least 20 years. I have been gaming since Atari 2600 when i was about 4 years old. I have owned or played every console on the market. I played WoW on Doomhammer for about 6 years but haven't done much PC gaming since then. I play almost exclusively on PS4 which was a change from XBOX360. I am pretty laid back most of the time. I have a strong video game addiction mixed with slight rage issues ;) ...Read More

  • Marinefl

    Dominic Stadler

    Hi my name is Dominic I'm a PC streamer who plays MMOs. I'm a Marine with 13 years of active duty. I'm a pretty outgoing guy I keep a pretty relaxed stream. ...Read More

  • SnakeBiite_J

    Jordan Prydden

    Hello and how's your day. My name is SnakeBiiteJ and this is a little about me. I stream games and create content for fun and entetainment purposes and hope to provide the same fun and entertainment to all. I love music, food and games most of all. I am a family person and is very big on keeping close to what you already have. I'd like to think that I don't wast the time I have in this world and like to make the most of the opportunities I have. If you want to get to know me better, then come drop by when I stream. Thanks!...Read More

  • dude17252

    alittle about myself: ive been gaming all my life, started out on the NES and worked my way up. ive been streaming for a few years now and been loving every sec. to be able to interact with others from another area is so awesome. i stream off my ps4 and im a varitey streamer. im always positive and smile no matter what even when im losing at a game...Read More

  • nitmreb4xmas

    James Donahue

    i love working on cars playing games and driving anything that goes fast....Read More

  • ItzMaxxGaming

    Max Mondy

    Proud Streamer for JIVL Org. I stream many games whatever I am feeling. I enjoy entertaining everyone all around and just hanging out. Love grinding video games BABY!! ...Read More

  • DanksterTV

    David Forrest

    Variety twitch streamers with a focus on Borderlands 2 and Warframe. I also love horror games....Read More

  • alivedelta

    Cody Horton

    Hello Everybody!!! My name is delta and im just a simple person who like simple things. i stream mostly siege as of right now. i am in the military so if i say some things that might be nsfw its due to that, but please let me know. i try to maintain a professional POV at all times!!! i hope to see you in the stream in the future so until then......ROCK ON GUY!!!...Read More

  • YikesZ

    Yzeric Barnhart

    Streamer of J4L. I play various games on my stream. I am on my path to becoming a pro in Rocket League but still have a long way to travel. I am an interact streamer, I really enjoy talking to and supporting the community! Stop by my stream sometime and show some love!...Read More

  • MastaKuy

    Mason Kuykendoll

    Hey there y'all, my name is Mason and you can find me on Twitch under MastaKuy! I am a father of 2 beautiful and amazing children. 27 years young and been married to my wife for 6 years! I mainly play Destiny 2 and Fortnite at the moment but am always open to trying new games. I also coach my local varsity boys soccer team and love every second of it! I love supporting my fellow streams as this Org is more than just an Org we are a family!...Read More

  • mralan52


    My name is Alan and I am just a normal dude who likes to gameand create a fun and chill enviroment! I Currently live in Michigan. I stream a variety of games from FPS to Roleplaying games to horror games. I'm a huge supporter of positivity in gaming and showing good sportsmanship whether we win or lose. I'd love to get to know each and every person who stumbles onto this stream so be sure to say hello. I hope you decide to join the family. Enjoy!...Read More

  • drtal3nt

    mike tucker

    names mike im 27 from colorado. was a professional COD and Halo player....Read More

  • Xolt

    Austin Adams

    My name is Austin (Xolt) I live in Florida and Play Comp COD...Read More

  • cxnrxi

    Matias Lorenzo

    I am a proud streamer for J4L! Full of amazing people and I am proud to be apart of something special!...Read More

  • Katalyst

    Brianna Craddock

    Hey everyone! I'm Bri, a multi-platform competitive gamer and streamer. While you'll often see me playing Call of Duty, I also play League of Legends and occasionally Halo and Gears of War. I stream to have a good time and interact with my viewers! Outside of gaming I am also an IPF Power Lifter and avid fan of anime. I love to travel so you can often catch me at CWL events, Anime Expo, PAX, etc. There's no such thing as too many friends, so stop by the stream to say hi sometime! :)  ...Read More

  • HawkNx

    Aaron Pion

    I am a Call of Duty streamer. I have been streaming for almost a year now. On rare occasions will I stream NBA 2k19, Rocket League, or Fortnite. I play on PS4 right now and hope to someday be able to stream PC games as well. In the near future once I learn how to edit I will start doing weekly YouTube videos of some of the biggest highlights from that weeks streams....Read More

  • nWisdom

    Noah Hunt

    ...Read More

  • fr5ud

    ...Read More

  • pskittlez


    Honestly just out here trying to live my best life!...Read More